welcome to artlovemusicyoga

Hello fellow seekers, lovers, artists, yogis, friends and family. This is a brand-spankin’ new blog about the things I am most passionate about. I’ve been inspired to write one of these for a while and I am finally making it a priority in my life to start writing and sharing.

My inspiration for writing comes from you! Over the years, many of my friends and family have told me how they live vicariously through me. I do live a pretty interesting life. My sincerest wish in sharing my thoughts and experiences is to inspire, remind, laugh, open, and create a beautiful dialogue about the things I learn on my journey. Come here to find stories about art, love, music, yoga, peace, spirituality, health, food, travel, and positive personal transformation. Also, I am planning some amazing trips for this year and I want to document them here. I hope you will read my musings and feel warm, strong, creative and present.

I am embarking on another transformational adventure and I want you to come along for the ride. I don’t want to give too many spoilers so I’ll keep this short ‘n sweet for now. Just know that I intend to share myself authentically and humbly in the hopes that you’ll find some little spark that speaks to you. Maybe it will speak of taking risks or getting very honest with yourself. Maybe it will speak of setting goals and fulfilling dreams. I will always speak from my heart. So from my heart to yours, welcome!

"Did you ever grow anything in your garden of your mind?"  Mister Rogers Remixed

“Did you ever grow anything in your garden of your mind?”
Mister Rogers Remixed

Anna Amrita

2 thoughts on “welcome to artlovemusicyoga

  1. Phyllis Kidwell says:

    Anna – You have been a special part of my life since you were born. To see this picture of you looking so peace filled makes me happy. I will gladly read your journey as you bravely share your life with us through this blog. I pray you have a beautiful journey into this next part of your life. Take good care and keep us posted! Phyllis

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